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It’s tax season and for many folks it’s a mad scramble to find all of the information needed to complete their return or to organize everything for a tax preparer.


Here are some easy solutions for staying on track.


  1. Keep a mileage log in your car and USE it.
  2. Create separate files to hold: medical receipts, excise tax bills, charitable donation receipts,  business receipts, etc.
  3. Create a folder for1099’s, W-2’s, etc as they arrive.
  4. Use a program such as Quicken for your checking account. This program enables you to easily create expenditure reports, making it a snap to tally these up for your tax return. It also will help you to reconcile your checking account every month, and to budget your expenses.
  5. Look on-line for a tax organizer checklist. This will provide you with a complete list of the information you need.
  6. Find out what deductions apply to you, so that you can be planning for next year too. For example, your cell phone may be a qualified business expense.
  7. If you plan on doing your own tax returns and earn less than $58,000 either individually or filing jointly as a married couple, you can access tax preparation software packages for free online from one of many companies through a partnership with the IRS:
  8. Consider getting help. Daily Money Managers help individuals and families with their personal paperwork, bill payments, checkbook reconciliation, organizing tax documents and more.


Ruth Okin, DMM (Daily Money Manager), created Secure Money Matters, to  help and support the management of bill payments, personal paperwork, filing and organization of tax documents. She works with senior citizens, retirees, busy executives, small businesses, and single parents. She has over 20 years of professional service experience. She can be reached at


Daily Money Mangement

Not too long ago, I didn’t know what Daily Money Management meant. Apparently, many busy professionals, retirees, senior citizens, single parents,  and others, prefer or simply need help managing bill review and payments, organizing and categorizing tax records, reconciling bank statements, and organizing paperwork. This service has gotten to be so popular that there is now a national organization which I have joined: AADMM (American Association of Daily Money Managers) which requires adherence to a strict Code of Ethics and offers both educational training and a credentialing program.  More on this topic will be coming soon.

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